Chapter members and their Faculty Advisors, to the benefit of their schools and communities, engage in projects throughout the year that promote and support literacy, the arts, and their passion in the English language arts. Book drives, read-a-thons, and outreach to other students, schools, retirement communities, and military personnel are but a few of the activities that NEHS chapters and their members design to fulfill the goals of the National English Honor Society. Indeed, these chapters truly apply the NEHS motto, Gelast Sceal Mid Are, "Duty Goes with Honor," as they immerse themselves in English studies beyond the classroom

The NEHS Museletter blog features these inspiring projects, activities, and individuals. Chapter Advisors are urged to submit information to be highlighted in both places; chapters might consider selecting a student officer whose role is to regularly communicate with the NEHS office ( about outstanding chapter "Accolades." All website and blog posts must be approved by Chapter Advisors and will be screened by the Central Office prior to posting. If you have questions, please contact Dave Wendelin, NEHS Director, at