The NEHS Museletter

The NEHS Museletter has been the online newsletter since 2006. Originally written by and for student members and Faculty Advisors, each issue carried Society news, chapter activity ideas, important reminders, and scholarship information. Past issues of The NEHS Museletter are archived and will remain available to chapters for reference.

Introduced September 1, 2010, a new, more timely newsletter, NEHSXpress, is distributed via email to chapters on a monthly basis. Each edition provides chapters up-to-date and useful information highlighting what chapters are doing and providing suggestions for what others might emulate. The NEHSXpress will also now be sent to members and parents/guardians who provide email addresses for that purpose. Subscribe to the NEHSXpress.

The NEHS Museletter will continue, but with a new emphasis and in a new format. Now a Blog, the Museletter is a forum for sharing ideas, highlighting students and faculty who have been involved in noteworthy projects and activities, and for focusing on issues within the English discipline. The Blog is published periodically, with a goal of at least twice a month throughout the school year. NEHS members and advisors are invited to submit short articles, including book reviews, movie reviews, suggested and successful projects and activities, student or advisor creative writing, and other items of interest to the broad network of NEHS chapters. Submission should be sent to NEHS Director, Dave Wendelin for consideration and scheduling.

Guidelines forThe NEHS Museletter

  • Any chapter member may submit articles, with accompanying pictures if available, to the Museletter Blog for publication consideration. NEHS reserves the right to edit content and format and makes final decisions on whether to publish any submitted article.
  • Submissions may include reviews, commentary about the English discipline, recommendations for books, suggestions for activities, and student/faculty writing that meets the following criteria:
    • Students/advisors may submit original works of fiction (short stories, poets, dialogues, scenes) or non-fiction (narratives, essays, opinions).
    • All submissions must be made through the Faculty Advisor, who must approve of the quality and content, and then submitted via electronic format.
    • Prose pieces should not exceed 200 words (excluding the author's name, school, and chapter name).
    • Poetry should not exceed 125 words total (if multiple poems are submitted).
    • Submit text as a doc or docx and images as separate jpg files.
  • Send submissions to

All publication decisions are made by NEHS. No submissions will be returned; please make copies of all materials before submission. By submitting text and pictures to NEHS for possible publication, implicit permission is given to NEHS to reproduce and publish materials in any and all NEHS publications, including the website,

Past Issues of The NEHS Museletter