Graphics Guidelines

As the need arises to update chapter materials in print and on websites, we ask chapters to adopt and incorporate these graphic elements. Images are available in many formats. Instructions on appropriate typography and a set of complementary colors is also included. Should you need any other image formats or assistance with how to apply these graphics, please contact;

The Emblem

The emblem of the Society is a royal blue globe surrounded by a four-sided, curved corner, gold figuration. The four sides of the shield symbolize the four major areas of the English language arts—literature, writing, language, and media studies; the sides do not meet sharply at right angles, but instead flow smoothly by means of the curved lines, one into another, suggesting the creative blending of multiple forms of literacy.

The circle—of perfection—the full community of readers and writers who embrace the field of English. Within the circle are an open book and a pen, traditional emblems for the language arts experience, and reminders of the potential power of words well-expressed.

The royal blue background represents creativity and inspiration, while the surrounding gold symbolizes both excellence and nobility of spirit.

Overall, the four-sided figure encasing the symbolic circle is supported on the base of a torch, representing the light of truth as it shines through literature, language, writing, and media.


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National English Honor Society Emblem

Graphic Identity

The graphic identity provides the standard placement of the NEHS emblem and the NEHS word mark. The word mark has been designed to complement the NEHS emblem so that together they present a consistent and professional image of our honor society.

Identity Graphic

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National English Honor Society Identity

Alternative Format Identities

Horizontal and Vertical formats are also available. The alternate formats may be used in place of the graphic identity.

Horizontal Format

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Vertical Format

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NEHS Veritcal Identity


The Primary NEHS Colors are Gold and Blue. Gold is defined by using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) Number 136 (coated). Blue is defined as PMS 301 (coated).

NEHS Primary Colors PMS 136 NEHS Primary Colors, PMS 301
CMYK 1, 23, 91, 0 100, 81, 21, 6
RGB 251, 196, 51 0, 70, 132
HEX #E7AB08 #004684

The Secondary NEHS Colors are shown below. One or more secondary colors may be used in addition to the primary colors to add accents to a document. PMS values shown below represent use on a coated stock.

  PMS 7416 PMS 266 PMS 310 PMS Yellow PMS 360 PMS 534 Warm Grey 3
CMYK 3, 72, 67, 0 66, 78, 0, 0 52, 0, 0, 0 2, 9, 100, 0 50, 0, 99, 0 94, 83, 37, 28 6, 7, 9, 15
RGB 234, 108, 86 136, 39, 225 100, 206, 247 255, 222, 0 140, 198, 63 39, 54, 93 199, 194, 186
HEX #EA6C56 #8827FF #64CEF7 #FFDE00 #8CC63F #27365D #C7C2BA


The primary font is Georgia and its three faces: Regular, Italic, and Bold.

Primary Type Face, Georgia

If Georgia is unavailable, Times Roman may be used.

The secondary font is Zurich and its four faces, Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic

Secondary Type Familes

If Zurich is unavailable, Arial may be used.