IFC Winners


The Pill of Ignorance
Joseph Kiely
Covington Catholic High School
Park Hills, KY

A Shared Journey
Deren Alanay
Uskudar American Academy
Baglarbasi, Istanbul, Turkey

Controversy and Consequence in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged
Elisabeth Campbell
Westminster Christian School
Miami, FL

Uncovering Twain's True Intent
Julia Manso
Saint Mary's Hall
San Antonio, TX

Why The Color Purple Deserves the Green Light
Abena Berko
Bolton High School
Alexandria, LA

Meaning is in the "Rye" of the Beholder
Stephanie Sotto
Northside High School
Jacksonville, NC

Huckleberry Finn: An Unearthing of Racial Predjudices
Madhavi Subramaniam
Saint Mary's Hall
San Antonio, TX

The Hidden Perspective
Eunice Huesca
Stephen Decatur High School
Berlin, MD

A Defense of "The Lottery"
Zoe Prats
York Suburban High School
York, PA

Rick Riordan and the Gods of Criticism: The Fight for Diversity
Arianna Munoz
Saint Mary's Hall
San Antonio, TX