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Student Challenges - An Overview

Margaret Atwood wrote “A word after a word after a word is power.”

NEHS recognizes the power of good writing and encourages its student members to participate in its constantly evolving creative and critical writing opportunities.

Our new fall, winter, and spring Creative Challenges allow students not only to focus on different types of creative writing, but also consider the importance of storytelling in other mediums. While the Writing Challenges are competitive, we do encourage all student members to experiment with their creative skills and, through these opportunities, perhaps find a new interest or hobby.

The long-standing Intellectual Freedom Challenge asks sophomores and juniors to advocate for the inclusion or exclusion of challenged texts from the canon. This Challenge asks students to read beyond their school’s reading list and consider texts that may be seen as problematic for many reasons.


Description Eligible Applications Open Applications Due Award Date
Intellectual Freedom Challenge (IFC) Sophomores and 
Sep 11, 2023 Oct 10, 2023 Nov 9, 2023
Creative Challenge - Fall
Poetry and Performance
Student Members Sep 11, 2023 Oct 10, 2023 Nov 16, 2023
Creative Challenge - Winter
Script Writing
Student Members Dec 11, 2023 Jan 8, 2024 Feb 29, 2024
Creative Challenge - Spring
Documentary Filmmaking
Student Members Apr 15, 2024 Apr 29, 2024 May 23, 2024

Other Award Opportunities for Students

The NEHS Scholarships competition asks seniors to writing profound critical and analytical essays about the Common Reader, a text (usually a novel or biography) chosen annually by student members and Chapter Advisors from around the world.

We have also sought to incorporate student journalism into our writing opportunities. To that end, we encourage the promising journalists among our student members to submit their work to our Journalism Awards for Publications and Articles, which is run as a collaborative effort between NEHS and The Harvard Crimson.