Lemont High School, Lemont, IL

Chapter Field Trips

Connect with a Sigma Tau Delta Chapter

Connect with and visit a nearby Sigma Tau Delta chapter at a university. Perhaps their officers could take your officers on a tour of their campus and share information with them about advanced English degrees and career opportunities.

Attend a Play

Look for plays and performances presented at the local community theater. Plan a trip to a nearby city or university.

Attend a Festival

Explore the area for a Renaissance Fair, Shakespeare Festival, or Book Fair and take a group of students. Check your state's events and tourism website for listings.

Attend a Reading

Look for readings and other literary events at a community library or bookstore.

Attend a Conference

We especially encourage you to attend Sigma Tau Delta regional conferences and the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention.

Visit a Local Literary Landmark

Your local Chamber of Commerce may know of local sites of interest, such as author birthplaces.
Visit a Museum

Attend a Concert or Film

You may consider including readings of literary works related to the music as an after-outing event. If the film is an adaptation of a book, discuss the two versions. Alternatively, discuss the film as a visual text.

Theater, Dessert, and Discussion

Meet with actors from the play after the production to share ideas, ask questions, and critique the performance.