Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Miami, FL

Service Projects

While based on academic accomplishment in English, membership in NEHS encourages both leadership and social responsibility. NEHS recommends that chapters reach out to the school community by striving to give back to that community. NEHS members are uniquely qualified to serve as school leaders; sharing of members' enthusiasm for and love of language and literature, especially within the school community, is greatly encouraged.

The following are various ways in which chapters can be of service to their schools and communities. Remember that the more the chapter is willing to serve, the better its image will be, and the more willing others will be to contribute to and to participate in its programs.

Imagination Library Service Project

NEHS is joined its sister English honor society organizations, Sigma Tau Delta and Sigma Kappa Delta, in supporting the efforts of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. This project has provided a wonderful opportunity for chapters to focus any fundraising efforts with a special goal in mind.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Ideas for School Service Projects

Awards and Recognitions

  • Present awards for the best student paper(s) of the year in various English classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). Make arrangements to have these papers published online or in hard copy format.
  • Host an English department awards ceremony yearly to honor both students and faculty.
  • Give a reception for the Department of English to honor new or retiring faculty.
  • Hold a faculty appreciation luncheon or tea.


  • Organize contests for creativity, such as poetry, film-making, or essay contests. "Poetry slams" are particularly popular.

Advising and Tutoring

  • Establish a tutoring program for students in English courses.
  • Hold a workshop or a series of workshops on student writing problems. Target a specific issue, such as spelling or organizing a term paper.
  • Sponsor a writers' workshop group; consider inviting and involving students from other nearby schools.
  • Sponsor an ACT/SAT preparation group.

Career Projects

  • Survey corporations and other businesses for opportunities for English and Humanities majors.
  • If the school has a career day, or something similar, include information about what one can do with a degree in English.

Ideas for Community Service Projects

NEHS members can have a positive impact on communities, especially in the areas related to literacy, language, and teaching. Many chapters have ongoing community programs in these areas.


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