Sleuth Sayers Chapter Members, Spring 2019 Induction by Jennifer Cole

Academic Year Planning

This overview calendar is designed to help Chapter Advisors and officers keep track of opportunities for NEHS members. We have included a sample of a chapter calendar (Linganore High School, MD).

The following year-long outline may help organize chapter activities and help chapter members set goals. Remember, the more active the chapter is, the stronger its image will be. This will mean that more students will be willing to join, contribute, and participate in its programs.

May/June 2023

  • Hold induction for new members if your chapter has a spring induction tradition
  • If induction occurs, enter new member names into NEHS Connect and submit membership dues
  • Hold elections for new officers so planning for the next school year may begin
  • Remind rising seniors of the Common Reader for the following year, encouraging summer reading
  • If holding fall membership drives and induction, set dates now
  • Review or create bylaws (with new officers as possible)
  • Make note of summer publication dates for NEHSXpress

August 2023

September 2023

October 2023

  • Remind seniors of the Common Reader if they are intending to apply for the NEHS Scholarships
  • Encourage top five selected members to submit writing to the Creative Challenge: Poetry due October 10
  • Conduct chapter projects and collect documentation
  • Applications for Literacy Initiative Grant due October 10

November 2023

  • Seniors select Common Reader prompts for scholarships starting November 1
  • Continue to conduct chapter projects and collect documentation

December 2023

January 2024

February/March 2024

April 2024

May/June 2024