Linganore High School, Frederick, MD


NEHS chapters conduct chapter installation, member induction, and officer installation ceremonies.There are no official ceremony formats; chapters are free to create their own, using, for example, relevant literary references to such elements as quality, honor, excellence, and accomplishment.

Some chapters may wish to conduct their ceremonies in connection with a banquet or reception; some may choose to conduct a ceremony during a school assembly. Some may wish to include special music before, during, or after a ceremony. All chapters should consider the importance of attire in creating a dignified, unique atmosphere.

In planning any ceremony it is essential to organize carefully all the details; the Chapter Advisor should feel free to utilize current members, other members of the Faculty Advisory Council, other colleagues in English or other disciplines, honorary members, parents, and others who may commit themselves to assisting.

Ceremony Checklist

  • Reserve a room suitable for the number of people expected. If possible, arrange to use the facilities after regular school hours to increase parent participation.
  • If refreshments are to be served, arrange them early.
  • Prepare and send invitations to school officials, faculty, students, and parents.
  • Allow for enough time so that the ceremony is not rushed. Dignity should prevail. Encourage the inductees to dress properly.

While the ceremony is still fresh in mind, create an account of it and add it, with a copy of the program, to the chapter's history. Keep a copy of the ceremony's script; a safety measure is to keep one copy with the chapter history and another, perhaps archived on a computer, in another place.

Chapter Installation Ceremonies

This is a one-time event. Many, if not most, chapters will want to accompany their installation with the induction of the first new members and the chapter's first officers. If there are to be accompanying ceremonies, the Central Office highly recommends that certificates and pins be available at the time of induction.

For the charter application and the registering of new members (and subsequent receiving of the actual charter and the new member certificates), allow a minimum of three weeks prior to the scheduled induction ceremony.

Sample Installation Ceremonies