Chapter Advisors

Every chapter has one or more Chapter Advisors, selected annually by the principal. The Chapter Advisor must be a member of the school's English faculty and may serve multiple terms. Any variance from an English teacher being Chapter Advisor must be approved by the NEHS Director. Besides providing a strong link among the administration, faculty, and students, the Chapter Advisor is the link between the chapter and the Central Office. All mailings are to be sent from, as they are sent to, the Chapter Advisor, not to individual members. The Chapter Advisor is also responsible for the

  • direct supervision of the chapter,
  • safe-keeping and maintenance of membership files and the chapter history,
  • handling of financial transactions, and
  • updating and filing of chapter bylaws and the annual activities report.

The Chapter Advisor, by virtue of the position, is an honorary NEHS member (gratis) and should be a good role model for chapter members and a good leadership model for chapter officers.

There are many things a Chapter Advisor can do to ensure that the chapter runs smoothly and that members benefit fully from their NEHS experience.

  • Identify and invite all qualified students for membership.
  • Guide the development of Chapter Bylaws.
  • Submit new-member information and fees to the Central Office.
  • Promptly distribute Central Office materials to members.
  • Process and submit the annual affiliation fee.
  • Formally announce the names of those who have been accepted into membership.
  • Report the annual chapter activities to the Central Office.
  • Assist officers in learning their roles and help them develop strong leadership qualities.
  • Provide for all members an atmosphere of welcome, enthusiasm, and chapter unity.
  • Develop a sense of chapter identity.
  • Work with chapter officers to plan and hold appropriate induction ceremonies.
  • Maintain with chapter officers the permanent chapter records and history.
  • Attend as many chapter meetings and activities as possible.
  • Encourage members to participate in regional and national NEHS events.
  • Establish a regular flow of information for publicizing chapter meetings and events.

Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council is appointed by the principal and works on behalf of the school's faculty and its students; the Faculty Advisory Council should be comprised of no fewer than three English faculty members. To avoid conflict, no principal may serve on the Faculty Advisory Council. The Faculty Advisory Council participates in the development of, and periodically reviews, all local selection and dismissal procedures, chapter bylaws, and proposed chapter activities. (It is highly recommended that student officers also be involved in these processes.)

The Faculty Advisory Council should meet a minimum of once a semester, preferably more often. It is essential that members of the Faculty Advisory Council be fully knowledgeable of the chapter's guidelines and bylaws, and that Faculty Advisory Council members carefully follow all stated guidelines and procedures in all aspects of the chapter's activities. In a healthy chapter, the Faculty Advisory Council will participate, when possible, in the induction ceremony and in chapter activities.

The Faculty Advisory Council is the chapter's final authority on all matters pertaining to local chapters. Any problems not resolved through the officers and Chapter Advisor should be addressed to the Faculty Advisory Council. In no case will local chapter problems be arbitrated by the National Advisory Council or the Central Office.

Chapter Advisor(s) is, ex officio, an honorary member, but the chapter may select other appropriate individuals as well. Honorary memberships, other than that provided the Chapter Advisor(s), require payment of the national induction fee and are not subject to removal from membership except for flagrant violation of civil laws.