Invitation Enrollment

Invitation Enrollment is currently in development. A future release is expected in late spring of 2022.

NEHS Connect Invitation Enrollment will streamline the invitation, enrollment, and payment transactions for Chapter Advisors.

  • Students enter their own profile information, which is a time-saving process for Advisors with medium to large enrollments;
  • Students directly pay their enrollment fees, including optional local chapter fees; and
  • NEHS Connect displays the status of invitations and completed enrollments by invitation period.

Invitation Enrollment does not replace the existing "Classic" enrollment process, which requires Chapter Advisors to enter the student’s profile information.

The Process

Chapter Advisors will

  • Create an enrollment period with a start and end date.
  • Choose who will receive an invitation to join during the enrollment period.
  • Choose how enrollment fees are collected (Member Pay).
  • Under Member Pay Chapter Advisors have the option to collect chapter fees in addition to the membership enrollment fee.

Invited members will

  • Receive an email invitation from the Chapter Advisor.
  • Provide and update their profile information.
  • Pay their enrollment fees.