Chapter Officers

NEHS Connect has a built-in database for chapter officers. The database will keep a listing of all active chapter officers, as well as former chapter officers, including their term in office.

Add Chapter Officers

  1. All chapter officers must be enrolled as active student members. Before selecting a chapter officer, verify the student is active and all member details are correct. Read how to edit member details.
  2. Login to NEHS Connect
  3. Under Available Functions select Chapter Administration.
  4. Select the Chapter Officers tab. Please make sure this page loads completely before proceeding.
  5. You will see a link labeled Add New Officer.
  6. Search members by typing the first or last name.
  7. Click on Select next to the member's name. This will bring up member details. Complete the following selections: Office Title, Year Elected, and Semester Elected.
  8. Select Add.