Chapter Advisor Enrichment Grant

The NEHS Chapter Advisor Enrichment Fund supports opportunities for NEHS Chapter Advisors to enrich their teaching practice by taking part in literary activities related to texts and authors they will teach during the following academic year through a self-designed academic/research experience. It aims to improve the quality of English Language Arts experiences students receive within high school classrooms by using teachers’ own personal experiences and reflections in teaching dynamics.


The NEHS Advisory Council will grant awards up to a maximum of $1,500.


  1. Applicants must be current NEHS Chapter Advisors at a school in good standing with NEHS.
  2. Applicants may not contend for a grant within two years of a previous application.

Application Requirements

  1. All submissions must be made via the NEHS AwardSpring platform during the fall period.
  2. Applicants must complete demographic data questions prior to submitting their documentation.
  3. All submissions must include an Advisor biography and photo.
  4. Applicants must upload a Word document (.doc/.docx) including the following information:  
    • A short third-person paragraph overview of the Chapter Advisor’s proposed trip. Example:
      Mr. Brown would like to travel to New Orleans between July 15 and August 1, 2024. His travels would include research and engage in a rigorous summer study of the works of Tennessee Williams at institutions located within the city of New Orleans. His goal as an educator is to broaden his knowledge of the works of Tennessee Williams and the New Orleanian cultural context that inspired his writing. Mr. Brown will teach A Streetcar Named Desire in the fall semester and will be able to share his new knowledge and experiences with his students. Mr. Brown believes that this unique experience will serve to support teaching and learning in his classroom for years to come.
    • A detailed description of how the experience will benefit the teacher as a professional and impact their students and their school community.
    • Tentative itinerary, location(s), and detailed description of proposed activity/activities.
    • Budget amounts necessary to participate in the activity/activities (e.g., registration, transportation, miscellaneous costs, etc.)
  5. Applicants must request through AwardSpring a letter of support for the Chapter Advisor’s application from a school administrator.
  6. Applicants must agree that, should they win a grant, they are willing to provide a written report and photos detailing the impact the grant has had on their organization and their local community, which can be used by NEHS to promote this and other awards in future years.

Evaluation Process

  1. All submissions will be evaluated by the NEHS Advisory Council.
  2. Submissions will be evaluated in terms of the significance and contribution the request makes to the applicant organization and their local community, and the concept, clarity, and organization of the request.
  3. Awards will be given purely based on merit, not based on the imperative that all funds should be spent annually.