Chapter Service Award

NEHS wishes to recognize local chapters performing exemplary community service projects and the agencies served by those chapters. NEHS will recognize outstanding service efforts by funding a limited number of awards, each consisting of a $100 award to the chapter and a contribution of up to $500 to agencies or organizations for which the project was crafted to support. Awards are given after successful projects have been completed; funds help chapters defray costs already incurred, while contributions to the agencies help extend their goals.

NEHS chapters continually engage in any number of service projects. For ideas, see fine examples outlined in the Noteworthy Activities database found in the "Chapter Life" section of the website. If questions regarding the listed projects arise, click on the "Details" tab in the database and find a chapter contact person with whom to correspond. Further contacts include Regional Advisory Council Representatives or Dave Wendelin, NEHS Director,


Any active chapter is eligible to apply for a Chapter Service Award, but no chapter may receive a Chapter Service Award in consecutive years. Active chapters are also eligible to apply for a Project Grant in advance of a service effort to support the project. Project Grants do not, however, provide direct contributions to community agencies.

How to Apply

Chapter Advisors should submit an application on behalf of the chapter and community agency involved after the service project has been completed but before April 27, 2020.

  1. Address the email to;
  2. In the subject line of the email, type SERVICE AWARDS;
  3. In one email submission, attach the following four (4) items as Word documents (doc or docx) or PDF titled with Service followed by a) information; b) narrative; c) administrator letter; and d) agency letter. Examples: Service information.doc; Service narrative.doc; Service administrator letter.doc; Service agency letter.doc
  4. Information needed (document #1):
    1. Name of service project
    2. School, including NEHS Chapter Name and School Address, that undertook the project
    3. Number of active members in chapter and number that participated in the project
    4. Name and contact information of the advisor preparing the application (mail and email addresses and phone numbers)
    5. Official name of agency, name and contact information of the principal official of the agency, and payment details including the agency's complete mailing address
  5. Narrative (document #2), not to exceed 300 words, describing the service project, including
    1. Name, date, and location of the project
    2. Explanation of the importance of the service performed and its connection to the goals of the NEHS
    3. Details on the various stages in the concept, planning, preparation, and completion of the project to convey an understanding of the "who, why, and how" of the project
    4. Target audience
  6. On school letterhead, a letter (document #3) from a school administrator explaining the significance of the project for the chapter, the school, and for the agency served.
  7. On agency letterhead, a letter (document #4) from a representative of the agency served attesting to the significance of the project from the point of view of its recipient(s).

Due Date

Application Deadline: April 26, 2021