Student Journalism: Article Award

NEHS is proud to work with The Harvard Crimson to provide an opportunity for students to share their journalistic skills with the world. The aim of this competition is to recognize high school students who, through the study and practice of student journalism, have made a significant contribution via digital or print journalism to their own lives, the lives of others, the school they attend, and the community in which they live. We hope this competition will encourage NEHS chapters around the world to found a student publication and teachers to incorporate student journalism into their classrooms.


The NEHS-Harvard Crimson Student Article Award is given to the author of an article published in an on-going, student-led, school-wide journalistic publications produced at a school with an active NEHS chapter. The award recognizes quality and style in both content and journalistic style.

NEHS will provide the following first, second, and third place awards:

  • First place: $150
  • Second place: $100
  • Third place: $75

The Harvard Crimson will award a summer 2024 internship to the winner of the Student Article award.


  1. Applicants must be NEHS student members enrolled in a school with an active NEHS chapter.
  2. Only one submission can be made per NEHS chapter.

Submission Requirements

  • Student journalists should submit one piece of writing, of between 300 and 500 words, that has been published in their school’s on-going, student-led, school-wide journalistic publication (a magazine or newspaper) by uploading a high-quality PDF copy of the original, word-processed, article.
  • The submission could be an editorial, feature story, op-ed, or a review.
  • Submissions to literary magazines, anthologies of creative writing, and yearbooks cannot be submitted to this award. Only submissions to journalistic publications will be accepted.
  • The submission should have been written and published, with permission from school authorities, within the current academic year.

Submission Process

  1. All submissions must be made via the NEHS AwardSpring platform by uploading a PDF document during the spring submission application period.
  2. Applicants must complete demographic data questions prior to submitting their documentation.
  3. Applicants must include a brief history of the publication they write for, and an individual portrait photo and biography.
  4. Applicants must agree that they are willing to provide a written report and photos detailing the impact the creative process and award has had on them, which can be used by both Harvard Crimson and NEHS to promote this and other competitions in future years, if they receive one of the awards.

Evaluation Process

  1. All submissions will be evaluated by at least two NEHS evaluators.
  2. All submissions will be evaluated against a rubric containing (but not limited to) the following categories:
    • Quality of Content and style
    • Format
    • Organization
    • Use of journalistic conventions and editing
    • Presentation