NEHS Writing Contest for 2022-2023

NEHS will continue to build on the success and popularity of the Writing Challenges we have promoted for the past three years.

This award are competitive in nature; applications will be evaluated by members of the Advisory Council of NEHS.


To be announced.

NOTE: Any writing submitted that raises concerns about the safety and well-being of the writer will be immediately reported to the Chapter Advisor for further intervention. 

Themes and Application Dates

Application Period



Themes Accepted

Writing Contest #1 Oct 17, 2022 Nov 21, 2022 TBA
Writing Contest #2 Jan 30, 2023 Feb 27, 2023 TBA
Writing Contest #3 Mar 13, 2023 Apr 10, 2023 TBA


  1. A student applicant must be an NEHS member in good standing of an active chapter.
  2. A Chapter Advisor must be from an active chapter.


To submit your work, please follow these directions for accessing the NEHS AwardSpring Application link.