NEHS Writing Contest for 2022-2023

NEHS will continue to build on the success and popularity of the Writing Challenges we have promoted for the past three years. Participation in the writing contests over the past several years has far exceeded expectations; we are thrilled that so many students and advisors are submitting their work. 

2022-2023 Genre

This year, we return to prose as the genre. Writing submissions will be welcomed three times over the course of the year, starting with "six-word stories" this fall October 17 – November 7). Later in the year, longer submissions of Letters (75 - 150 words) and Memoirs (200 – 350 words) will be accepted.

The "six-word stories" must be complete stories and be exactly six words; the best of the stories will carry a “punch,” causing the readers to an unexpected reaction. For the "letter form," writers are asked to craft a letter to an individual who has changed the way the writer thinks. Letters may be addressed to actual individuals, living or deceased, or to fictional characters that have lingered in the mind of the writer. Finally, the longest form of flash fiction for this year will be "memoirs," short personal narratives that focus a unique event or experience in the life of the writer.

These awards are competitive in nature; applications will be evaluated by members of the Advisory Council of NEHS. The best of those entries will be published through the NEHS social network; at the end of the school year, each "finalist" group will be re-evaluated to select the top writers of the year. Those individuals will receive gift cards.

NOTE: Any writing submitted that raises concerns about the safety and well-being of the writer will be immediately reported to the Chapter Advisor for further intervention. 

Themes and Application Dates

Application Period



Theme Accepted

Writing Contest #1 Oct 17, 2022 Nov 7, 2022 Six Word Stories
Writing Contest #2: Dec 12, 2022 Jan 9, 2023 Letters (75-150 words)
Writing Contest #3: Apr 10, 2023 Apr 24, 2023 Memoirs (200-350 words)


  1. A student applicant must be an NEHS member in good standing of an active chapter.
  2. A Chapter Advisor must be from an active chapter.


To submit your work, please follow these directions for accessing the NEHS AwardSpring Application link. Each author must submit their own work.