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NEHS will embark on a new path for the Merit Scholarship competition for the 2018-2019 school year. While we will still require applicants for the scholarships to read a text and respond to a selected prompt by submitting an essay, we have decided to give NEHS members a choice between two novels. Reading research has long suggested student choice for independent reading is ideal—the Advisory Council decided to try this approach for the upcoming year. The two novels have some similarities but are set in different eras, one in Ohio in 1977, the other in China and Japan in 1937. One deals with a family tragedy, an event that exposes fault lines within the family; the other, set against the backdrop of the Japanese invasion of China, carefully and beautifully unveils human kindness and weakness. Applicants for the Merit Scholarships are to select ONE of these two texts as the basis of their application submissions, which will be due January 16, 2019.


2018-2019 Common Reader Sections


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NEHS is open to high school students and select faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability in such areas as literary analysis, media studies, composition, linguistic study, and creative writing, and who meet the requirements of membership.


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Chartering a chapter of the National English Honor Society (NEHS) connects schools with a national network of English teachers and students who share a special interest in language, literature, and writing.

Each chapter plans and directs a program of activities in order to develop the community of people who are interested in English. Participation in chapter activities is one of the most valuable benefits of NEHS membership; the kinds of appropriate activities are limited only by the members' imaginations.

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Junior Summer Study Award

Current junior members of NEHS interested in applying for a Summer Study Award may apply for this award April 2-30 through AwardSpring. These $750 awards support students who have been accepted to and will be attending an academic study program taking place during summer of 2018.

Junior Summer Study Award

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Annually, NEHS offers $49,000 in a variety of scholarships valued at up to $5,000 each for active NEHS members planning on enrolling full time in two-year and four-year colleges.

$3,500 Scholarship
Preprofessional Studies major at Nortre Dame Univeristy

Madison Kuehl

PORTA High School
Petersburg, IL

$1,500 Scholarship
Liberal Medical Education major at Brown University

Xochi Cartland

Richard Montgomery High School
Rockville, MD

$2,500 Scholarship
Journalism major at
Northwestern University

Christopher R. Vazquez

Christopher Columbus High School
Miami, FL

$5,000 Scholarship
Political Science major at
Wake Forest University

Olivia Field

Coral Gables Senior High School
Coral Gables, FL